Please see below for more information of each of the above forms.


Please read prior to your first appointment.

  • Clear your schedule as much as possible for after your appointment you may feel emotionally, physically and/or mentally


  • Engaging in complementary therapies and discussing personal information may be uncomfortable and possibly anxiety

       producing so please throughout your appointment only engage to a level you feel comfortable with*.

  • A call or text is much appreciated if you are running late or can not make your appointment.


  • Arrive hydrated, as adequate hydration is necessary for effective muscle testing.

  • Wear stretchy, comfortable clothing and no skirts please.

  • Wear, or bring, socks to keep your feet warm as shoes are removed for treatment.


  • As you will be using art materials please wear clothing that you will be ok with possibly getting paint, chalk, texta

       and/or glue on.

If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding treatment please talk to me about them, as my main focus is your comfort and wellbeing.

* While it is likely at times that you will feel your boundaries stretched or challenged you should never feel unsafe or vulnerable so if this happens for you it is important to let me know. You are in control of your appointment I am here to walk alongside,  ask questions, listen and navigate with you.

I look forward to seeing you soon.



This form needs to be filled out for your first appointment.

You can either print and prefill or one will be given to you to complete on arrival.

It asks for personal details i.e. name, address, phone, email, occupation, D.O.B, emergency contact, allergies, medication, medical/mental health diagnosis, spiritual practice, supports and reason for appointment.


Please read prior to first appointment.

One will be given to you to sign and date at beginning of first appointment.

OBJECTIVES - Treatment aims to explore thoughts and feelings, make meaning, reconcile emotions, enhance self awareness, change behaviour, and navigate life challenges using talk therapy, energy kinesiology and transpersonal art therapy. As these objectives are varied it is important to discuss with Kylie your hopes and expectations resulting from your treatment.

CONFIDENTIALITY - All information is treated as confidential save where there is a mandatory duty to report. Mandatory duties include a statutory requirement, a court order or a legal duty, a disclosure of risk of harm and/or serious crime to self or another. Confidential information may also be released as part of a referral process to a third party but only with your prior written consent. Kylie may also discuss some aspects of your matter with her professional supervisor however your identity and personal details will not be disclosed.

POTENTIAL OUTCOMES - Outcomes can not be guaranteed as treatment is an interactive and ongoing process that relies heavily upon the client’s engagement, responses, openness, commitment and presenting issue(s). However, there can be strong physical, behavioural and emotional reactions to treatment as when addressing certain issues and areas of your life you may be exposed to a wide range of feelings, reactions and moods including a temporary increase in symptoms. Please contact Kylie if you are concerned about any responses post treatment.

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES - To support your treatment you are required to:

                    Attend every scheduled session,

                    Share your thoughts, feeling and expectations with Kylie,

                    Complete any homework tasks agreed upon,

                    Ask for clarification about any of the techniques being used,

                    Discuss any doubts or concerns you have with Kylie,

                    Share any social, cultural or religious requirements/beliefs,

                    Inform Kylie of suspected or confirmed

                                 - pregnancy
                                 - illnesses (infectious or otherwise)
                                 - emotional instability/suicideation
                                 - mental health disorders
                                 - physical limitations/pain.

TIMEFRAME - As a basic guideline treatment is suggested every 1 - 3 weeks with a 3 session minimum recommended. This is a variable estimate as each client’s needs are as individual as each person is.  Kylie will discuss this further with you after your first appointment.

TREATMENTS USED - Talk Therapy, Energy Kinesiology and Transpersonal Art Therapy are the modalities used.
Talk Therapy involves open discussion to a level the client is comfortable with. It is a client centered, nondirective, empathic approach that aims to empower and motivate the client in the therapeutic process.
Energy Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to find energetic imbalances held within the body. These imbalances are then corrected using various techniques, including but not limited to, acupressure, neurovascular, neurolymphatics, flower essences, chakra balancing, essential oils, sound therapy and crystals.
Transpersonal Art Therapy is not about creating beautiful art. It is about going within using meditation, colour, shape, movement, collage, and clay to express in a visual format the wisdom you hold within. The focus is on free expression and meaning making. If you have ever scribbled on a page in frustration or drawn a heart to express emotion that is art therapy. Kylie guides you using processes specific to your needs and situation and you explore the results together through naïve enquiry and amplification.
Please discuss which treatments you would like to use, and any questions or aversions you may have to any of the techniques, as your comfort and compliance is of the upmost importance to Kylie and your therapeutic process.


Things to be mindful of after your appointments

  • Be gentle with yourself and rest as you may feel physically, mentally and/or emotionally tired.

  • Be aware of a possible “healing crisis”, that is, symptoms, emotions, behaviours may increase before they decrease.

  • Please call me on 0406 332 108 if you are concerned.

If I can not be reached and you require instant assistance please contact your GP, a loved one or support person, Mental Health Line 1800 011 511, Lifeline 13 11 14, Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

  • Please do your “homework” as this will help integrate the session. If you have any questions or confusion about what is required please call or text for clarification.

  • You may feel confused or not able to recall what happened during your appointment. This is ok and very common. It is not necessary to mentally recall what occurred as your body and psyche retain the experience for you. So try to quiet your mind and relax into the process.

  • As a guide the best treatment plan is a minimum of 3 appointments spaced 3 weeks apart.

  • Often after 2 appointments people start to feel better and stop treatment, however, they often return some time in the near future to readdress the original presenting issue (or something quite similar).  My explanation for this is that “feeling better” is actually a return to their baseline, “normal”, way of being but real, long lasting transformation has not yet occurred. The stress response has abated, mood has improved and symptoms diminished so all seems well. However, on a deep, core level the original wound, belief system, or pattern of behaviour is still there dormant waiting for the next trigger to bring it to the surface again. This is why I offer a 3 treatment plan discount to encourage more than 2 treatments.

  • If anything else arises that I have not addressed here please call or text me to discuss.

Contact Kylie on 0406 332 108

or Email