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Does how I BE and what I HAVE create how I BEHAVE?

I wrote the word "behave" while journaling this morning and it struck me that it is made up of the 2 words "be" and "have". This got me thinking does who I be and what I have create how I behave?

Being has deep meaning for me. It is who I am at my core - a deeply compassionate and loving soul.

And what I have are my thoughts, memories, values, emotions and beliefs.

So putting those together the way I act (or behave) is made up of

a) how connected I am to my soul and

b) which thought, emotion, value, memory or belief I am choosing to respond from. Sounds about right!

I will put this to the test over the coming days when I notice changes in my behaviour, I'll ask myself 'what has created this?'

If I behave with anger, have I disconnected from my true being and I am responding from judgement, fear, past hurts or negative thoughts?

Or if I behave with kindness, am I acting inline with my true self and allowing love, compassion, clear thinking, hope, peace and trust to guide my behaviour?

I will be interested to see if I can ponder this while experiencing changes in the way I behave. And if this awareness affects my behaviour at all...

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