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How do I feel about Covid-19?

I have been listening to Robert Ohotto's talks (see link at end) and in his second talk, that I was listening to last night, he asked the question "How do you feel about Covid-19?"

My instant emotional reaction was 'Sad, I feel sad' and tears welled up in my eyes.

I took some time to ponder this question more deeply this morning and all these feelings expressed...

Sad stepped forward first. I feel so sad that it has to come to this.

Fearful for what it means for human choice.

Sceptical mistrust for the information we receive.

Great concern for people's mental health and for those whose homes are not safe havens and those who are completely alone and not even able to access online support or connection.

Devastated for those who can not be with unwell loved ones, grieving loved ones and lost loved ones.

Disappointed by thwarted holidays and plans and compassionate for others whose dreams have been postponed.

Worried about my financial situation and what our economic situation may become.

Angry at those not following "the rules", judging them as ignorant or arrogant and having unkind thoughts that I hope they get fined - while at the same time feeling frustrated that I can't go out and do what I want to do.

Overwhelmed by all the Zoom offerings online and feeling pressured to do something.

Yet at the same time I feel deep gratitude for this time of stillness and solitude. For the no 'have to' appointments, for the simplicity of my days. All this time to self reflect, be creative, potter around the house and garden, STOP the busyness for a while and just BE.

I have hope that we will see that life can be simpler and more enjoyable than we've made it. That different choices make for a better world for all and for this planet. That we see we've been working so hard making a living we were missing out on our life*.

I hope we continue with the care for each other, have compassion and action for those who may be struggling (in whatever way). That we find and keep an appreciation for the simple things in life - doing puzzles with family members, walking outside in the sunshine and fresh air (instead of on a treadmill in air conditioning and artificial light), teaching and talking with our children and young people, checking in with loved ones emotional wellbeing, slowing down and releasing the pressure on ourselves and our planet.

I hope we all find deeper connections, deeper purpose, deeper love and deeper truth.

So what would your answer be to the question "How do you feel about Covid-19?"

I encourage you to take some time with yourself to answer this, check in and see what is there for you and if you'd like to share your experience I'd love to hear.

xo Kylie

Link for Robert's first talk


* "Don't get so busy making a living you forget to make a life." ~ Dolly Parton

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