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Pain, Pain Go Away

Usually when we are in pain we just want it to stop right?

Well what if instead you viewed your pain as a messenger?

Because really in it's simplest form that's what it is - a physical, mental and emotional messenger.

Physically when we overdo it we experience pain. Too much sun = painful sunburn, too much exercise = muscle pain, too much food = digestive pain,

too much alcohol = the pain of a hangover.

So the physical body is telling us something is out of balance, here have some pain so you will stay indoors, rest, recuperate or choose a different diet.

What about a mental message of pain - a headache or neck tension when you've been overthinking or too in your head about things or a migraine after a stressful event. A pretty strong message that can actually shut down the area that has been mistreated or overused.

Then there's emotional pain. A stomach ache triggered by worry and stress, the pain of breathing when trying to hold in grief or anxiety, back pain when you're feeling unsupported or uncertain (actually back pain can be a messenger of many different emotions).

So what if instead you viewed your pain as a gift, a bit of love from your wonderfully wise body that something is out of balance. A message that something needs to be addressed, something needs to change?

Would that alter how you meet your pain and open new avenues of how you may work with it rather than just try to shut it down and move on?

Perhaps next time you feel a painful niggle just stop and ask your body "hey what is it you want me to learn from this" and maybe you'll gain some new insights into yourself or your situation and hopefully this awareness may be enough for you to start to let the pain go.

Oh another good thing about pain is it's a warning system. Touch a too hot surface, body registers pain so you remove yourself from the heat and therefore save yourself from a nasty burn.

Clearly this is a very quick, simplistic look at pain and how you may change your reaction to it. It is no way stating that pain just needs to be felt and accepted and it will disappear. There are many unexplainable, debilitating chronic pain conditions and I in no way wish to downplay the importance of medication or professional help when dealing with these. Please if you are experiencing serious pain (or injury) do not waste time seeking the message behind the pain, seek immediate medical help. Then maybe once the pain is gone you can look back and see if it held any message for you.

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