Hi, I'm Kylie, Transformational Therapist at True Colours.

The focus of my personal life, and what I hope to achieve with those I work with is SOUL CONNECTION - tapping in to the deep inner knowing we all have within us, so that we can live the life we came here to live.

This quote sums it up perfectly -


"Without the recognition of the soul's journey within us, we are lost and only part of what we were intented to be."  ~ Shirley McLaine, The Camino

I believe that most of life stresses arise as a warning to us that we have strayed from our soul's path. Those stresses may be challenging feelings like anger, sadnes, discontentment or anxiety; troubling relationships or loneliness and isolation; or even physical ailments, recurring illnesses or untreatable, unexplainable aches and pains.

My aim is for you to understand and reduce these stresses in your life, by making meaning and finding acceptance for their presence or ways to eleviate them if necessary. This is achieved through talk therapy to speak your mind, kinesiology to tap into your body and art therapy to connect to your soul.

I have used all 3 of these modalities in my own search for wellbeing and have found them to be powerful, beautiful, confronting (at times) and life altering.


My search for answers and understanding began in 2011 after a diagnosis of brain tumours and radiotherapy

left me feeling emotionally and physically depleted.


While the medical treatment was completely effective, and I will be forever grateful for it, it did not offer me any understanding of why my body created these tumours or how to deal with the emotional fall out from diagnosis and the physical effects of radiotherapy.

I went on a search. I tried many different complementary therapies and saw many different practitioners - one of which used kinesiology as part of her treatment and I was amazed! Amazed at what she could access by testing the muscles of my body and the feelings and information I got from these sessions.

I wanted to learn more. I signed up for a kinesiology info session at the College of Complementary Medicine, was the volunteer client on the day for the lecturer to demonstrate muscle testing and in 5 minutes was given the answer to my question "Why did I get brain tumours?" I made the decision then and there to sign up for the course. My sister joined me in study and in 2014 we opened Reclaim Wellness, a kinesiology clinic at Erina.

While studying Kinesiology I was always peeking in on what the Art Therapy class, also offered at the college, was doing. I knew nothing about art therapy, what it was for or what they did but something about it called to me. As much as I loved Kinesiology and the way it could speak to and listen to the body I was feeling that there was something more I wanted to offer the people who came to see us, something more I needed to explore for myself.

So again I signed up for an info session, art therapy this time and I found what it was I needed - something that connected me to my soul wisdom. I found the art therapy day so gentle, so soothing, so nurturing, so eye opening and so different from anything I'd ever done before.


I have never taken art lessons or identified as an artist so signing up to study Art Therapy challenged me a little, as did the course, but it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I looked forward to every lesson, eager to see what new things I could learn about me, my relationships, my challenges and my purpose through the process of art.


It may sound over the top to say, but it's true, this course changed my relationship with myself, with others, my life and my outlook. I have always been a question asker "but why?" was my favourite saying as a child, and art therapy now answers this question for me - not always in the way I want it answered but always in the way I need. I still use it as a tool regularly and I love how it makes meaning in my life.

Now my greatest pleasure is to share these wonderful therapies with others and I'm am so grateful to get the opportunity to do this.

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